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About Me


Alessandro Baldieri

From interior designer, to “Creator of Timeless Watches”

It seems a mighty leap for anyone to make, but for Alessandro Baldieri, a man whose international upbringing and love of travelling the world over have provided inspiration since he was a child, it was a natural progression.

Born in Italy and educated in Rome and U.S.  Alessandro who is fluent in 4 languages, studied architecture and interior design in Los Angeles California and quickly became the jet set designer of the most prestigious villas of the Californian coast – he designed the homes of stars and many other jet setters.

After twenty years of interiors and furniture design, Alessandro was ready to fulfill his ambition to start a new venture. His creative flair, love of luxury and keen eye for details have lead him into the world of watches, setting up offices in London and Singapore.

His goal has always been to create a line of watches for both men and women that reflected his own persona:

  • International, stylish, contemporary and uncompromising in quality.Alessandro Baldieri Visual Designer

In 2006, the first Alessandro Baldieri collection was created.